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About the North Shore Public Health Collaborative (NSPHC) 

Welcome to the North Shore Public Health Collaborative (NSPHC)! As part of our commitment to transparency and providing comprehensive information, this subsection is specifically tailored for Public Health Department Staff. Here, we aim to emphasize the core components and functions of the NSPHC, including its role within the Salem Regional Training Hub (RTH) and its collaborative efforts across municipalities. NSPHC is supported through a state Public Health Excellence grant, which provides local health departments with the funding for shared staff and resources. Our work focuses on enhancing and expanding the services our local health departments provide to prevent disease and promote health across our communities. 

Blueprint for Public Health Excellence:

The Blueprint for Public Health Excellence serves as a guiding framework for public health initiatives in Massachusetts. It delineates the responsibilities and mandates of local health departments, emphasizing the importance of standardized practices and continual improvement in addressing public health challenges. 

Purpose of Regional Training Hubs:

The Salem Regional Training Hub (RTH) is a pivotal component of our collaborative efforts. Its primary objective is to provide standardized and consistent training to local environmental health staff across participating municipalities. These trainings encompass various areas, including food safety, housing inspections, camp regulations, pool safety, septic systems, and soil assessments. 

Shared Service Agreements (SSAs):

The Salem Regional Training Hub operates in conjunction with shared service agreements (SSAs), which foster collaboration among municipalities to optimize resource allocation and service delivery. Under these agreements, participating municipalities can access training resources and expertise efficiently, thereby enhancing their capacity to address public health challenges effectively. 

List of SSAs within the Salem RTH: 

  • Amesbury Arrangement: Amesbury, Georgetown, Groveland, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, West Newbury 

  • Eastern Essex Regional Public Health Coalition: Essex, Hamilton, Rockport, Wenham 

  • Essex Tri-Town Shared Health Initiative: Boxford, Middleton, Topsfield 

  • North Shore Public Health Collaborative: Beverly, Danvers, Lynn, Marblehead, Nahant, Peabody, Salem, Swampscott,  

  • Mystic Valley Public Health Coalition: Malden, Medford, Melrose, Stoneham, Wakefield, Winchester 

Benefits of Shared Service Agreements:

Shared service agreements offer numerous benefits, including cost efficiency, enhanced access to resources, streamlined processes, and the opportunity for mutual learning and collaboration among municipalities.


Sharing of Services across the North Shore:

Within the Salem Regional Training Hub and its affiliated SSAs, there is a robust culture of sharing services and resources. This includes but is not limited to training programs, expertise exchange, best practices dissemination, and collaborative initiatives aimed at addressing regional public health challenges collectively. 

Thank you for your dedication to public health excellence, and we look forward to continued collaboration and partnership within the NSPHC and Salem Regional Training Hub across the North Shore region. 

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Department Directory

Contact information for our eight local health departments.

Staff Contacts



Regional Sanitarian

Regional Public Health Nurse

Regional Public Health Social Worker

Regional Public Health Nurse

Regional Epidemiologist

Regional Public Health Coordinator

Regional Community Health Worker

Regional Training Hub Coordinator

Regional Trainer - Food

Dermatology Consultation

Helpful Resources

Learn more about various health topics and resources for North Shore residents.

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